In which I don’t hate rollerskiing

FasterSkierMay 23, 2010

I think everyone’s heard me say quite a few times that I hate rollerskiing. But I’ve come to a realization. I don’t hate rollerskiing! I only hate rollerskiing when I feel tired and crappy. If I feel good, then I love rollerskiing. If I feel okay, then I don’t mind it at all. So maybe this year I can feel tired less of the time, and then I’ll love rollerskiing!

Anyway, we had a tempo workout yesterday and I convinced Pepa to take some pictures. It was a beautiful morning with a small group, just me and Lauren and the college boys.





Also, yesterday was biathlon day. Ethan and Lauren and Mike shot with Algis, and then we had him help us with BKL practice at the range. BKL culminated in a relay, which Ethan and Lauren took part in. Coming into the final leg, Ethan’s team had a huge lead. So when he was running his loop, Pepa un-zeroed his rifle. It wasn’t enough, though, as he still hit some targets. When he was doing his penalty push-ups, she added another challenge by telling Matthew Lawlor to come sit on his back. Pepa might be the only coach in the history of the world who has told her athletes to do push-ups with other athletes on their backs (hi Tim). I think Matthew was a little confused. It was pretty funny…. and Ethan’s team still won.


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