Demolition Day #1

FasterSkierJune 8, 2010

Today was the first day of demolition on the new house. Andrea, Corrine, Grace, Katrina, Leif, and myself tackled the 70’s style architecture with the help of Phyllis’ cousin Jim; eight hours later and the house was transformed. The tasks included pulling up carpet, taking aparrt cabinets, taking apart old base board heating, and many other surprises created over the years. Tomorrow is day two!

Trees and shrubs were removed to allow natural light into the house.

Carpet and and other pieces that once were inside.

More piles inside; cabinets from the kitchen, bathrooms, and dining area.

The ladies gettin’r done!

Corrine and Grace taking apart the kitchen.

Leif making friends during lunch.

The living room.

Preparing the kitchen for a makeover.

The girls having fun and showing off their new pink gloves!


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