Roenning Takes Down Northug in Tour de Trondelag Sprint

Inge ScheveJune 26, 2010

Petter Northug Jr. had to cede the top of the podium to Eldar Roenning at the opening event in the 2010 Tour de Troendelag Friday night.

However, Northug hardly seems concerned. “Why? Well, I don’t know. He’s beat me a few times this spring and it’s starting to seem normal. You know, he just got married and he’s climbed a few notches just on that,” Northug said after the race.

And Roenning admits to the online newspaper VG Nett that he enjoys the trophy. “It’s always fun to beat Northug in a sprint. I’ve done that once before this winter, when I beat him during Tour de Ski. He’s a good yard stick,” Roenning said.

Roenning sat out Saturday to charge his batteries for the St Olav’s Lopp next week. Northug on the other hand will race both the ski race at Kirkebyfjellet and the roller ski race in Meraaker.


Men’s Senior: 1) Eldar Rønning. Skogn. 2) Petter Northug, Strinndheim, 3) John Bjørgård, Strindheim, 4) Niklas Dyrhaug, Team Trondelag, 5) Kent Ove Clausen, Team Trondelag, 6) Daniel Myrmæl Weekend City, Team Trondelag, 7) Alexander Legkov, Russian, 8) Pietro Pills Cottrer, Italy, 9) Petter Skin City, Wind, 10), Magnus Moholt, cod.

Women, Senior: 1) Kristin Gaus, Team Trondelag, 2) Kjersti Bøe, Team Trøndelag, 3) Would Haugan Buhrkall, Leksvik.

Men 19-20 years: 19 Didrik Tønseth, Byåsen, 2) Emil Iversen, Varden, 3) John Saur Kilskare, Strindheim.

Boys 15-16 years: 1) Henry Skarpnord, Brumunddal 5.48, 2) Erling Flat Aker, Hommelvik 6.04, 3) Anders Johan Sandberg, Skogn, 6.07.

Girls 15-16 years: 1) Lotte Lie, Skatval 7.37.

Boys 17-18 years: 1) Erik Simonsen, Mountain Eagle 11.37, 2) Sigve Denstad, Stjørdals Blink-12.00, 3) Martin Pettersen, Malvik 12.06.

Girls 17-18 years: 1) Charlotte Myhre, Varden 13.55, 2) Marthe Berg, Krokstadøra 14.48.


Inge Scheve

Inge is FasterSkier's international reporter, born and bred in Norway. A cross-country ski racer and mountain runner, she also dabbles on two wheels in the offseason. If it's steep and long, she loves it. Follow her on Twitter: @IngeScheve.

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