NTG Camp Update: Agony Hill Time Trial

Topher SabotJune 14, 2010

The first annual National Training Group (NTG) camp in Park City is underway, and participants were challenged early on with the infamous Agony Hill Time Trial on the first day.

Alexa Turzian (SVSEF/CU) and Caitlin Patterson (Alaska Winter Stars/UVM) tied in the women’s race, both posting a time of 18:40.  Kate Dolan (BSF/DU) finished third, 40 seconds back.

Scott Patterson (Alaska Winter Stars/UVM) edged Reid Pletcher (SVSEF/CU) by two seconds in the men’s event, clocking in at 15:00.  Sylvan Ellefson (Ski and Snowboard Club of Vail) was third in 15:18.

Commented US Ski Team (USST) World Cup Coach Matt Whitcomb, “As far as today’s test goes, I’m encouraged with U.S. development.  The effort was maximal without exception.”

Video of the time trial can be seen below.

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Camp participants followed up the time trial with two easy distance sessions and a speed workout before getting a day off.

Whitcomb pointed out that the USST has found that the third or fourth day after travel is usually hardest on the athletes, compounding the issues of jetlag, dehydration, altitude, and training load.

Whitcomb described the off day as a “precautionary rest day that can yield very productive camps.”

Matt Gelso (SVSEF) joined the group on Monday, and USST members Andy Newell, Liz Stephen, and Noah Hoffman have participated in several workouts.

USST National Training Group Agony Time Trial


1.   Alexa Turzian                        18:40
1.   Caitlin Patterson                        18:40
3.   Kate Dolan                        19:20
4.   Sophie Caldwell                        19:22
5.   Rebecca Rorabaugh            19:43


1.   Scott Patterson                        15:00
2.   Reid Pletcher                        15:02
3.   Sylvan Ellefson                        15:18
4.   Erik Bjornsen                        15:28
5.   Andrew Dougherty            16:13
6.   Rolf Figi (U of U)                      16:29
7.   Ben Fick (independent)            16:38
8.   Tyler Kornfield                        16:55
9.   Sam Tarling                        16:58

Topher Sabot

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