Avatar Garrott KuzzyJune 15, 2010

A week into our first full training camp of the season, things are dialed.  Fish is off at his new job in Park City and the 2011 CXC Elite Team is looking strong in Marine on St Croix.  Our new coach, Jason Cork, finally took the reins today while assistant coach Gus Kaeding cracked the whip.  Santi Ocariz put down the hammer today and taught us a lesson on how to climb hills.  Don’t know these characters?  Allow me to introduce them. . .

Cork comes prepared with a pole sharpener.  Dialed.

Santi sharpens his poles to put the smack down on the rest of the team.  Dialed.

Coach Kaeding will make you get up that hill.  Fast.

So far, the transition to our new coach has been relatively smooth.  We did, however, have to explain who Chuck Norris is to Cork.

Finally, we can no longer give Jessie a hard time about still being in high school.  She graduated on Saturday.  Congrats Diggins!



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Garrott Kuzzy

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