World Cup Soccer Nordic Ski Fantasy Challenge

FasterSkierJune 12, 20101

In the few minutes of downtime between rollerski workouts, you may have caught wind of the fact that the “other” World Cup is underway in South Africa.

With no skis to wax or race results to pour over, and posting anonymous gibberish on the FasterSkier comments providing only so much entertainment, what better way to wile away summer hours than to watch some soccer.

Soccer has a place in the ski world – usually as a way to blow off steam or settle scores left unresolved on the race course. And so FasterSkier presents the first “World Cup Soccer Nordic Ski Fantasy Challenge,” also known as “There Isn’t Much Going on in The Ski World Right Now, So Lets Have a Contest #1.”

No, you are not picking the winners in South Africa, the most goals scored, or the best goalie. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a World Cup soccer team drawn entirely from the world of nordic skiing.

You must pick one player for each starting position, a coach, provide a team name, and most importantly, provide an explanation for your choices. Submissions will be judged by the usual panel of experts, with points being awarded for creativity, cohesiveness, and to the team that has the best chance to win it all.  Anyone who makes Petter Northug their striker is automatically penalized five points for lack of originality.

Prizes to the top three.  Winner gets a soccer ball signed by Andy Newell.

Simply fill out the form below. We need your name and email in case you win.

World Cup Soccer Nordic Ski Fantasy Challenge


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  • jmeserve

    June 16, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Anyone besides myself ever make the connection how soccer was no where in this country until it proliferated in public schools. Something to think about.

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