Avatar Kate WhitcombJuly 13, 2010

Worthington, MA – I am at my folks house this week (sleeping a lot, playing in the woods and getting some dirt under my fingernails). I rehung the rope swing and got a few new calluses from putting it to good use with Lindsey (in the purple).

It has not been ALL fun and games though – I had a job interview, and have another scheduled for tomorrow. Okay, it HAS been all fun and games. It is very exciting, thinking of what you want to be when you grow up. It is even more exciting when you realize you are about to start doing it and in fact, don’t have to grow up at all!

Who said you have to stop climbing trees and playing in the brook when you turn 30? I hope nobody, because I am not giving it up in 3 months!

My health continues to improve and I look forward to training again in August. Here is to living it up. Every. Single. Day.

Hanging the rope



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Kate Whitcomb

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