I Love the 90’s

FasterSkierJuly 12, 2010

Pretty much every summer I’ve ever participated in has included some heat wave that always seems to be the hottest weather I’ve ever experienced or tried to train in.  I think that we’ve now finished ours for the year (or at least I hope so).  Last week it was low 90’s every day here with lots of sun and a lot of humidity with no rain.  Here’s a few highlights from the week:

Drips coming off my helmet after literally every pole stroke as I rollerski.

Falling asleep while sweating.

Swimming workouts.

Dehydration and sunburns (not for me, for other people.  Don’t worry Mom and Dad-I used my sunscreen).

Trying to do workouts before breakfast and after dinner only to find it’s no nicer even then.

Running out of ice cubes by 9am every morning.

Taking a cold shower and not making it back to my room before the dripping water turns to sweat.

Eating salad for dinner because it’s too hot to eat anything else.

Taking a kayak out to the middle of the lake so I could flip it, climb on top, and dive deep, where the cold water lives.

Hearing someone announce, every day, that tomorrow is supposed to be the worst of it.

Wishing we weren’t a green team so we could get an air conditioner.

Bellyflops in the lake before and after every meal and workout.

And finally:

Watching Sister Act with Pat (who was sleeping in the basement) late at night hoping my room would be habitable by the end (it wasn’t).

So, enjoy the heat and sun.  Or don’t.  I’m trying to enjoy it, because in 3 and a half months I’m going to be in Finland, where they have neither.


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