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FasterSkierJuly 1, 2010

As it is a recovery week this week and we were in need of a little mental recovery too after the first 6 weeks of training, we opted to do our high intensity session on Tuesday night in the form of an orienteering race.  Pretty fun and definitely a new challenge to the group.  Prizes included match box cars, really cheap foam-dart guns (will break within a day), yoyos that apparently don’t work (operator error?), and self-inflating whoopee cushions.  Yeah, pretty awesome.

Results (10 min penalty for each missed checkpoint – 8 checkpoints total):

1. Neill and Kipp 58:12 (no penalty)

2. Vanya and Skeeto 59:31 (no penalty)

3. Megan and Hannah 60:02 (no penalty)

4. Ian (aka Rambo) 61:26 (no penalty)

5. Dan and Stefan 61:40 (no penalty)

6. Kelsey and Werner 63:06 (incl. 10 min penalty)

7. Lizzy and Eliza 90:23 (incl. 50 min penalty)

8. Kira and Pat 93:21 (incl. 20 min penalty)

9. Helen and Jade 125:46 (incl. 40 min penalty)

Some pics:

A test of fitness...

A test of fitness…

...Map Skills...

…Map Skills…

...More map skills...

…More map skills…

...Strategy (stalk another team)...

…Strategy (stalk another team)…


…and teamwork.


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