Post-WJC/U23 Development: Norway

JoranAugust 19, 2010

Continuing in my series of posts (see here and here) we move on to Norway.  This presents some problems, graphically, since as you might imagine there are many, many more Norwegians who’ve skied well at WJCs or U23s.  This means that if I simply recreate the graphs following my previous examples, they will likely be virtually unreadable.

So I’m going to modify things slightly (click through for larger version):

I have omitted the points for every single race, and instead only plotted points (in red) corresponding to the Norwegian athletes.  I’ve skipped the trend lines for individual Norwegian athletes as well, since there are simply too many to make sense of on a single graph.

As always, the blue trend lines represent everyone in each panel.  The red dots are races by Norwegians only.

I want to emphasize (strenuously!) how variable the Norwegian skiers are.  Look at the men’s 1-5 panel.  See how many red dots there are between 50-100, even after the age of 25?  Each one of those dots is a FIS point score by a Norwegian athlete who at one point finished in the top 5 at WJCs or U23s.  The Norwegians for sure have a ton of results that are super fast (i.e. near the bottom of each panel) but they also have plenty that aren’t so fast, even at later ages.

In case you’re interested, here’s a table with the names of the Norwegian athletes in each panel (you can sort the table by each column if you like).  As you peruse this table, I’d call your attention to the names you don’t recognize as world famous skiing stars and that not every superstar dominated at WJCs (e.g. Marit Bjoergen).

Name Gender Group
BACH Ole-marius Men 1-5
ROENNING Eldar Men 1-5
NORTHUG Petter Men 1-5
HAFSAAS Ronny Andre Men 1-5
ROETHE Sjur Men 1-5
ELIASSEN Petter Men 1-5
DAHL John Kristian Men 1-5
PETTERSEN Oeystein Men 1-5
OLSEN Eirik Kurland Men 1-5
JESPERSEN Chris Men 1-5
HOLUND Hans Christer Men 1-5
HORNTVEDT Kristian Men 1-5
HOFSTAD Tore Ruud Men 1-5
HETLAND Tor Arne Men 1-5
TRONDSEN Krister Men 1-5
BJONVIKEN Tore Men 1-5
PEDERSEN Eivind Juul Men 1-5
JACOBSEN Astrid Women 1-5
OESTBERG Ingvild Flugstad Women 1-5
ELDEN Marte Women 1-5
STEIRA Kristin Stoermer Women 1-5
KRISTOFFERSEN Marthe Women 1-5
JOHAUG Therese Women 1-5
MUERER STEMLAND Kristin Women 1-5
WENG Heidi Women 1-5
TOFTDAHL Tuva Women 1-5
LAUVHAUG Hilde Women 1-5
SLIND Astrid Oeyre Women 1-5
NILSEN Betty Ann Bjerkreim Women 1-5
MONRAD-HANSEN Marte Women 1-5
SANDBAKKEN Ellen Women 1-5
FREDRIKSEN Marit Liland Women 1-5
SELBAEK Laila Women 1-5
ODEGAARD Unni Women 1-5
ROALDSETH Marit Women 1-5
ENGESLAND Ingvild Women 1-5
GLOMSAAS Hilde Women 1-5
KROGH Finn Haagen Men 1-5
SAEVES Eirik Men 1-5
FALLA Maiken Caspersen Women 1-5
VESTBOE Thomas Men 1-5
SVARTEDAL Jens Arne Men 6-10
DJUPVIK Roger Aa Men 6-10
GJERDALEN Tord Asle Men 6-10
BJERKE Espen Harald Men 6-10
HELGESTAD Daniel Men 6-10
ELVESTAD Glenn Men 6-10
JERMSTAD Frode Men 6-10
BJOERGEN Marit Women 6-10
SKOFTERUD Vibeke W Women 6-10
NYDAL Britt Ingunn Women 6-10
BJOERNAAS Kine Beate Women 6-10
WELTZIEN Ingunn Women 6-10
BRAATHEN Merethe Women 6-10
VEUM Anja Women 6-10
SCHEI Ronnaug Women 6-10
NORTHUG Tomas Men 6-10
OESTBERG Eivind Flugstad Men 6-10
KOLSTAD Jonas Austmo Men 6-10
GJEDREM Hans Martin Men 6-10
HAGA Ragnhild Women 6-10
TANGEN Caroline Women 6-10
OEVERBY Mette Women 6-10
EILIFSEN Morten Men 11-15
SKAAREN Arve Men 11-15
VIKA Jimmy Men 11-15
JOHANSEN Haakon Loe Men 11-15
SKINSTAD Petter Soleng Men 11-15
ZIESLER Jacob Men 11-15
MARKSET Kjell Christian Men 11-15
URDAHL Ingrid Women 11-15
CHRISTIANSEN Erling Men 11-15
HATLEVIK Barbro Women 11-15
SOLBJOERG Oeystein Men 16-20
SKJAERLI Brynjar Men 16-20
NILSEN Inger Liv Bjerkreim Women 16-20
GJEITNES Kari Vikhagen Women 16-20
OEYE Jorunn Women 16-20
NARUM Ingrid Women 16-20
KJERSTADMO Eva Women 16-20
HARSEM Kathrine Rolsted Women 16-20
STORENG Mari Women 16-20
ROGN Geir Endre Men 16-20

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