September Camp: Fall is here at 33 degrees

BrianSeptember 7, 2010

Eric, Karl, Santi. 4*3minutes sprint simulation. Plus 4*400 to work on finishing speed

Aga (Masters Team) and Jenny: Thanks Aga for joining us for a few days of camp

Cool temperatures have arrived in the Northwoods.  I love this time of year, sunny and crisp.  We are getting ready for winter.

Classic Sprint Simulation (training skis):

Qualifying: Eric (3:02), Karl (3:12), Gregg (3:19), Santi (3:22)

Quarter 1: Eric (3:04), Karl (3:07), Gregg (3:08), Santi (3:xx)

Semi: Eric (3:02), Karl (3:03), Gregg (3:03.5), Santi (3:0x?)

Final: Eric (3:06), Karl (3:07) Gregg (3:07.5), Santi (3:08)

Video from the sprint is on Facebook: CXC Skiing

We have a great group of guys pushing each other to be better.  Kuz got back Sunday night from skiing down under.  This morning’s intervals 2*25, L3 had a nice smooth train.

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