Toferer to Visit Twin Cities, Duluth and Ely

FasterSkierSeptember 8, 2010
Billy Demong wins America’s first gold in Nordic. Thank You Roman Toferer.

The 2010 Olympics served as concrete proof that Roman Toferer of Atomic is unequalled when it comes to picking skis and making them go fast.  The man from the little village of Eben, Austria proved to be a virtual miracle worker on the trails at Whister.  If you watched Claudia Nystad take Gold it was obvious her skis were running at speeds far greater than her competition.  The Teutonic blonde looked like something out of a Wagnerian opera as she pulled away from the competition.  Anna Haag of Sweden had the best races of her career as she dropped the pack on virtual rockets picked and tuned by Roman.  And of course, Roman’s close work with Billy Demong, Johnny Spillane and Todd Lodwick led to Gold and Silver medals for America’s best Nordic skiers.

The Olympics were Claudia Nystad’s farwell to international racing. She Blazed her way to a gold medal victory with the help of Roman Toferer.

Now, US citizen racers can have their skis fitted by the same technician who picked the skis for the Olympics top athletes.  Roman Toferer will be visiting the following shops to pick skis and present his lecture, THE PATH FOR GLORY how to make sure you have faster skis than everyone else. His itinerary will be as follows:

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10:            Hoigaards Ski and Bike, St. Louis Park / 12:00pm – 4:00pm fitting skis only

Finn Sisu, St. Paul / 4:45pm – 9:00pm the presentation begins at 6:00pm with ski fitting before and after.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11:     Hoigaards Ski and Bike, St. Louis Park / 9:30am– 4:00pm fitting skis only.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12:          Gear West Ski and Run, Long Lake / 10:00am – 4:00pm  the presentation at 1:00 pm with ski fitting before and after.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 13:        Ski Hut, Duluth / 6:00pm – 8:00pm presentation begins at 6:00pm

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14:         Pengals Basswood Trading, Ely / 6:00 – 8:00pm presentation begins at 6:00pm with ski fitting after.

Roman Toferer working with Norway’s best on the Sognefelt glacier.


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