Grand Mesa Nordic Council (GMNC) Operations/Volunteer Coordinator

FasterSkierSeptember 8, 2010

Summary: The part-time, seasonal, Operations/Volunteer Coordinator (“Coordinator’) serves GMNC ( members by managing all phases of grooming operations on GMNC trails on the Grand Mesa in western Colorado and effectively recruits and deploys volunteers. This is a seasonal position from mid-October through mid-April. Weekend and holiday work is required. The Coordinator can expect to spend at least 20 hours per week on duties and is expected to be on call during all grooming operations which typically fall between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


The Coordinator should have the following skills and experience:

-Two seasons of grooming experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience as paid staff at cross country ski area given preference.

-Management experience.  Experience as recreation, non-profit, or operations manager given preference.

-The ability to communicate with, supervise and empower groomers and volunteers to be effective in their roles.  Experience with volunteers given preference.

-The ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities.

-Knowledge and understanding of grooming issues, including trail conditions and grooming quality.

-Commitment to GMNC’s goals and mission.

Physical Requirements:

-Ability to operate a snowcat, snowmobile and grooming equipment including necessary dexterity, eye-hand coordination, visual acuity, and ability to lift and maneuver up to 50 pounds.

-Ability to work out-of-doors in extreme weather conditions which may include temperatures exceeding 25 degrees below zero, white-out snowfalls, deep and pervasive drifts of snow, and wind speeds in excess of 40 mph.

-Ability to ski Grand Mesa Nordic trails to assess grooming conditions.


Operations Management:

-Consults frequently with Board President on Operations and Volunteer efforts and with grooming staff, involving them in decision-making

-Communicates with grooming staff on daily basis to receive updates on trails groomed and snow conditions, and uses that information to update the GMNC website regarding current trail conditions

-Ensures that all grooming operations are conducted with safety as the first priority

-Develops and implements safety plan for grooming operations

-Coordinates search-and-rescue mock operation in pre-season

-Ensures that trail markers, maps, and signs are installed and taken down each season

-Schedules staff weekly for grooming operations, making adjustments to grooming schedule as necessary for events, races and weather conditions

– Skis trails at least 3 times per week to check on quality and effectiveness of grooming as well as providing a presence on the Grand Mesa for GMNC members

– Provides feedback to grooming staff by recognizing outstanding efforts and excellent work as well as constructively confronting issues that arise

– Performs grooming on Sundays and as backup on other days as needed (the Coordinator is paid for grooming work on an hourly basis)

– Reports Staff hours to Treasurer for payroll

– Monitors grooming budget through budget reports and communications with Treasurer and adjusts grooming operations as needed due to keep expenses within Board approved budget.

– Acts as Operations Liaison with Forest Service staff – communicates pertinent issues such as snowmobile encroachment, sign placements, trail maintenance and events

– Acts as Colorado Department of Transportation Liaison – communicates road issues (slides) to CDOT, receives updates on road closures, avalanche danger from CDOT and communicates to membership via e-mail and website

– Prepares monthly Ops and Volunteer report for Board of Directors and attends monthly Board meetings (held the first Tuesday of the month, alternating between Delta and Grand Junction)

– Coordinates and/or conducts training for ongoing development of grooming staff

– Oversees maintenance, disposal, and purchase of grooming equipment, negotiating terms and conditions with equipment vendors

– Conducts end-of-season evaluations of grooming staff, copying the Board President.

Volunteer Coordinator:

-Consults and coordinates with Board Members to assess volunteer needs and recruit volunteers for various GMNC projects

-Coordinates volunteer and membership recruiting events

– Arranges volunteer work projects for trail maintenance, and recruits, schedules, and trains volunteers for same

– Solicits volunteer feedback and adjusts efforts as needed

– Sets up end-of-season volunteer recognition

-Attendance at events, outreach activities

– Solicits participation from members


The Coordinator is hired by the executive committee of the GMNC.  The Coordinator reports directly to the President who is responsible for his/her performance evaluations


This position is a part-time seasonal position paying $7500 per season. When grooming trails, Coordinator is paid on an hourly basis, which is in addition to Coordinator’s position.

A candidate well-suited to both aspects of the job (operations manager and volunteer coordinator) is preferred, but if necessary, we may consider applicants for these two divisions separately, with the salary split between the jobs accordingly.

GMNC exercises discrimination in hiring based on job-related qualifications only. We do not exclude people due to non-job related factors such as race, color, national origin, marital or family status, genetic information, medical conditions, political beliefs, religion, age, sexual orientation, or handicapping conditions.

To apply, send resume and letter of interest to

Review of applications will begin September 15.


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