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FasterSkierNovember 8, 2010
Team V2 dance.
1-legged slalom, touching hands to the small orange cones.
Bounding, with increasing distance between cones.
Devlin warming up for the 3km. Slush and standing water on the track.
1-legged sideways hop.

I don’t have any special words to report…the crew is working hard. It is cold and dark. Justin and I are trying to help everybody individually. We’ve been doing more individualized training plans and workouts than ever. 2 weeks til snow. 5 weeks til Eastern Cups. 8 weeks til Nationals.

We did host an awesome BKL day last Friday afternoon. It was replete with ski-specific drills, orienteering, grass-skiing/rollerskiing, and an awesome introduction to rollerskiing in a safe and fun manner: in our gym on the race track we devised. Over 20 local BKL kids were here, and we’ll have a few more this coming Friday.

Today the crew did an afternoon agility workout. The focus of the workout was plain and simple: “hop”. Light and quick, easy, and using momentum to the fullest extent. We had a cool course set up on the soccer field including V2 drills, sideways hopping, a 1-legged slalom, shuffle, and bounding.

I don’t like subjective data, and right now I don’t have much objective data to talk about. We’ll have a time-trial tomorrow (if the roads aren’t totally covered with black-ice), and we’ll make a return to L3 ski-walking at Sugarbush on Wednesday. That mean objective data!

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