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FasterSkierNovember 6, 2010

When we’re not skiing, we have lots of free time here in Mounio.  And for a lot of that free time its dark out.  Also, I have only three days left on my month-long Adobe Illustrator free trial.  I’ve been meaning to play with ai for a while now, but whenever I started trying, I’d get frustrated.  But today I finally bit the bullet and decided to do a little art project for you all!  I’m still hardly above the “Microsoft Paint” level, but I started to figure a few things out.  I call it: “An Illustrated Guide to Hannah’s Favorite Things about Finland.”


We’ve seen quite a few reindeer crossing the road when we drive to the ski trails.


The townspeople here use sparks all the time to get groceries and run other errands.  Kids even use them to go to and from school!  Their long hard runners cruise along the hard-packed snow of the sidewalks and roads.  They don’t salt roads here!  Its awesome!


We have two stove-burners in each cabin, and no oven, so soup is a good way to feed us all!

blueberry soup

This delicious stuff is like a thick fruit juice/smoothie, and I could drink a whole carton of it at once!

trees windmills words

There are a bunch of big windmills on the top of the little alpine hill by the ski trails.  They’re beautiful and not very loud.  They match the snowy surroundings and look like sculptures.

Oh, and I almost forgot:



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