From Ahvo’s Vantage-point: Another Update Kuusamo

FasterSkierNovember 27, 2010

Aside from some frozen toes and fingers (temps still between -17 and -14 most of the time), the action in Kuusamo just keeps getting better (though photos are somewhat limited). Bjorgen continues her lead with a second win today while Cologna took over the top spot for the men (the top two Norweigian men did not compete today). A total of 15 athletes who started the tour did not compete today an will not continue tomorrow. The USA had some solid performances today, and looks fit. Check out and for results.

Tomorrow will wrap up the Kuusamo mini tour with women’s 10km and men’s 15km skate (pursuit format based off of the sprint and today’s classic race). It should be an exciting end to a fantastic weekend of world class racing.

Ahvo caught up with the US ski team for a couple of quick interviews before the races today.

Randy Gibbs

Chris Grover

Ahvo also got some video out on the course, but the connection today is being finicky and slow, so uploading will happen tomorrow along with our final report from the north.

Ritva and Ahvo


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