Minus 9 and windy

chrisNovember 24, 2010

Today was the coldest day I can remember at Fall Camp in West Yellowstone. The thermometer says it was not too bad, at -9F (-23C). But the wind never let up. Put the two together and you were quickly at the off-ramp to Frozenville.

How to dress for a day of skiing in such cold? Follow along as we get dressed for the ski day.

Wind briefs, of course.

Undershirt and silk sock liners.

Even with wind briefs, a little extra protection is welcomed. A bandana, folded and stuffed in the briefs. Gents, you won’t regret it.

Wicking zip-neck T and tights.

Wind vest. This one was sewn by my mother in 1995. It has skied, run and pedaled thousands of hours with me. Thanks, mom.

Great breathable wind pants.

Plastic bags on feet. In this case, mismatched English muffin bags. Simple, cheap, does an amazing job. Just cover your toes and your feet can still breathe.

Boots. Classic, of course. Think your skate skis will glide at these temps?

Breathable ski jacket.

Balaclava, covering at least your neck and ears.

A nice warm Toko ski cap to cover the balaclava.

Booties over the ski boots. Make sure they don’t interfere with your bindings.

Thermobelt for your drinking needs. Your water bottle will quickly become a frozen brick.

Puffy parka. Yes, I do ski in this when it is this cold. The thermobelt is under the parka.

Toko Windstopper gloves.

Toko overmitts.

Rudy Project sunglasses. Your eyes can suffer in such cold temps. Give them some protection.

Skis and poles and you are out the door!

A few other items to consider: Have food with you and a bit more in your car. You will churn through the calories just trying to stay warm. Have a dry shirt, hat and gloves for the walk or drive home. Finally, enjoy your day outdoors! We love winter.

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