Kate WhitcombNovember 17, 2010

Where the heck did I go?  What am I up to?  Will you see me in West, why wasn’t I in Placid…?  Haha, I am sure that no one is asking those questions, but just in case…

I have started a lululemon store!  It is a showroom (read, boutique) actually.  I am still living in Idaho and look forward to seeing lots of you at Spring Series (being held in Sun Valley this year).  Don’t worry, I still have a blog.

I was too rough on my body and burnt both ends… twice.  It finally threw in the towel.  After getting healthy and receiving a phone call from lululemon, here I am.  Painting!  

…and holding community events, taking classes and supporting the local athletes and instructors.  Above, our little shop donated 50 yoga mats and held Snow Salutations to bring in a big winter.  El Nina, you ask?  Yeah, you can blame her on me!

Don’t fret.  I still get to wear spandex EVERY DAY!  I work out, stretch (actually more than I did as a pro athlete) and am the luckiest kid in the world!

Come by and say hello the next time you find yourself in Idaho!  My shop is in the Galleria Building, behind Sturdo’s in Ketchum, Idaho (second floor). will be my email forever and has been since the Internet was invented… yes, I am a master now so I can say things like that 🙂

I look forward to doing races this winter too so watch out!  BMT, maybe with a side of the Engadin and Birkie… they say you never loose the fever!

Thank you Amory and ITA for all that you have enabled me to do.  Brad and the 5th graders, who I will continue to visit as long as you still think I am cool.  Of course to the ski community as well; what a family you are!  I am so proud to be a cross-country skier and look forward to connecting with you all in the near future.  Ed Hamel for being my first and most inspirational coach.  My big brother Matt, for having hot friends (the REAL reason I loved Bill Koch Ski League) and the original gang of girls – Lindsey, Mariah, Amy, Holly, Abi… I love you girls.  Bust Butt Ed on Bear Hill forever!

Kate out, but not far away.  LIVE IT UP because today is not coming back.  Not ever!

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Kate Whitcomb

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