Northug Unconfirmed for Gallivare; Saarinen Out

FasterSkierNovember 18, 2010

The Norwegian squad travels to Gällivare Thursday, but not with Petter Northug.

Northug, who got sick during or shortly after last weekend’s season-opening races in Bietolstolen, will conduct a training session on Thursday. Afterwards, it will be decided whether he will travel to Sweden on Friday.

Northug won the overall trophy in the World Cup last season. He also secured two Olympic gold medals.

This year’s big goal is the World Cup in Holmenkollen in February and March.

The World Cup starts on Saturday with 15 and 10 k free technique. Sunday is the relay.


Saarinen Out for Two Weekends.

Aino-Kaisa hurt left shoulder when he she fell down at the work out in Muonio, Finland on Sunday. Earlier this week, she went to get an MRI in the town of Rovaniemi, and the images revealed a shoulder injury.

First injury in career

Saarinen suferred such an injury for the first time in her career. The incident happened while she was skiing on Sunday. She fell down on a slope. “When I stood up I imediately felt that something was wrong with my left shoulder, “Saarinen said on her web page.

“Of course I am angry about this, but this is life. Fortunately, the prognosis is optimistic. I’m flying home today.”

Despite the injury, Saarinen is determined to carry on training. “I am still able to train, mainly cycling and fitness. I do not want to take any risks that my shoulder gets worse. I will race as soon as I am completely ready ” said Saarinen.

Three week recovery

The shoulder should heal itself, but Saarinen has to rest it for approximately three weeks. She will he have to skip the World Cup races in Gällivare and Kuusamo.



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