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Avatar chrisNovember 20, 2010

Rush hour, West Yellowstone, November.
Today I leave for West Yellowstone and a week on snow.
In the past few months, I have rollerskied along the Summit County bike path in Breckenridge, up Lefthand Canyon outside Boulder, got kicked out of a private housing development in Bend, done countless laps in Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City and skied a sweet little bike path in Brevard, North Carolina. Seems they don’t see many rollerskiers in North Carolina.
This autumn I have skied carbon skis, aluminum skis, fast wheels, slow wheel, wooden skis make in New Hampshire, shock-absorbing tips, dull tips, new tips, broken tips.

Kick and glide at Cannon Beach, Oregon.
I have Catskied (www.catskier.com) the beach in Oregon, a dry lakebed in Utah’s west desert, a running trail loaded with mountain lion warning signs in Colorado Springs, a dry wash outside Canyonlands National Park and many, many intervals in my neighborhood park.

Brevard, North Carolina, is known for white squirrels, but they look funny at roller skiers.

Time to get onto the real thing.



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