Swix Triac 1.0: Stiffer, Stronger and Lighter Than Any Nordic Pole Ever

FasterSkierNovember 17, 20101

The Swix Triac 1.0 debuted at the 2010 Olympic Games where athletes choosing Swix poles won 70% of all the Olympic Gold Medals.

  • Petter Northug, Olympic quadruple medallist and 2009/2010 FIS Cross-Country World Cup Champion, states, “The Triac has increased my speed, improved my movement and has given me a totally new control of the pole swing.”

Petter Northug (NOR) and Oystein Pettersen (NOR) celebrate their Olympic gold after the team sprint.

Five of seven U. S. Ski Team members and a majority of WorldCup competitors agree.

  • Kris Freeman states, “It is so stiff none of my energy is lost.
  • Kikkan Randall says, “It is so strong I don’t worry about breaking from sprint contact.”
  • Simi Hamilton raves, “Its thumbstrap transfers my power without flex or hand strain.”
  • Morgan Arritola claims, “The new baskets pack snow better in soft tracks.”
  • Andy Newell states, “My turnover is faster because the swing weight is so light.”

The Triac Shaft – Triangular Shaft Delivers Minimum Weight and Maximum Stiffness. A triangle encircled by a circle has a smaller circumference than the circle but the same peak radius. Since shaft weight is greatly influenced by circumference and shaft stiffness is greatly influenced by peak radius, Triac’s triangular shaft sets the highest standard for both light-weight and stiffness.  As a matter of fact directional Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber strategically placed at the corners virtually eliminates any deflection in even the tallest poles sizes while simultaneously increasing shaft strength.

The Triac Basket – No Tools, No Glue, No Excess. “We placed a priority on reducing swing weight and achieved this by removing all excess material including glue and even lettering at the basket end of the pole” says Lars Karlöf, the Swix Sport R&D engineer. With the first of the kind interchangeable yet glue-less basket you finally have a 100 % reliable connection between the basket and the shaft with a minimum of weight.

The Triac Strap – Maximum Thumb Support and Comfort. The all-new Triac strap provides increased thumb support for maximum power transfer with a new reversed locking mechanism for superior fit for all hand sizes.

The Triac Handle – Warm, and Light. The Triac Handle improves Swix’s legendary warm and light cork handle with a locking mechanism to transfer even the greatest loads without slip.

Swix Triac 1.0 – The next generation in poles, is Your Winning Margin.

More information is available at www.swixtriac.com

Marit Bjoergen on her way to Olympic gold.


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