Tis the night before the first race(s)!

Holly BrooksNovember 24, 2010
The snow has finally subsided, the race timer and jury has finally made it to town and tomorrow, we’re off!   Since arriving in West Yellowstone five days ago this is the first time it’s stopped snowing.  
APU girls “deck diving” into the waist-deep powder

Group shot

Morgan struggling for air
The roads are finally open and folks are flocking – to West that is!  It’s exciting to be here and my family finally made it here after spending three days driving from snowy Seattle.  It took them four hours to get from downtown (Seattle) to Snoqualmie Pass, one hour east of Seattle.  My mom and my uncle spent the night the Kongsberger cabin and my dad spent the night IN THE CAR because he didn’t want it to get broken into.  (A good example of toughness!) 
Our team celebrated Thanksgiving early, on Monday, so that we wouldn’t experience the traditional “food coma” between races.  My contribution to the meal was five pounds of brussel sprouts.  Our team seems to be divided into folks that love them and folks that HATE them.  It’s turned into our favorite argument or threat 🙂 

My Thanksgiving creation
Mark and Patrick celebrate with Turkey legs

APU coaches run to the rescue of the St. Olaf team that stuck on our road…. (we got stuck too!) 

Our team loves the new Swix triacs! 

Reports from racing soon… thanks for reading! 
Holly 🙂

Holly Brooks

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