Rumford: Bring Rock Skis

Garrott KuzzyDecember 29, 2010

After a great Christmas break in Minneapolis, I’m back on the road in Rumford, Maine getting ready for the US National Championships.  My week at home was a blast with lots of skiing at Wirth and hanging out with friends and the Kuzzy crew.  The skiing in the Cities was some of the best I can remember.  I was able to recharge my batteries and get ready for the races in Maine.  Here’s a quick update from Rumford. . .

Santa's Village

My travels to Maine were flawless. . .not what I was expecting after seeing the storm reports from the East Coast.  I arrived in Burlington right on schedule and cruised down to have a dinner of venison steaks with the Kaedings.  A home cooked meal after a day on the road really hit the spot, especially the tenderloin cooked to perfection with a Minnesota bean casserole.  Wow.

Gus and I had to make a stop at Santa’s Village to put in some belated requests (both of us were looking for new snow tires), but Santa must’ve already closed up shop for the season.

In Rumford, we were greeted by fresh snow and anticipated great conditions for skiing.

Karl waxing up his classic race skis

Unfortunately, the trail itself was far from ideal.  We had to swing back by the van and pick up skis that were more appropriate for the conditions.

"Well, at least the kick is good!"

Perhaps swim trunks would’ve been a better idea. . .

Gregg prepares for his dive as Cork stands, er sits, on guard duty.

At any rate, it’s good to have the whole team together out in Rumford getting ready for the races to come.  At least we’re getting some sun out here!

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Garrott Kuzzy

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