Mid-marathon update

FasterSkierJanuary 29, 2011

Just popped out the door to snap a few pictures of the men’s lead pack in the marathon.  Through Elinor’s field (which I’d guess is around 18-19k?) Justin Freeman (Kris’s brother) and Pat O’Brien (GRP) are skiing side by side in the lead.  Dylan McGuffin (GRP) is a few seconds behind, with Ryan Kerrigan (VTXC), Ben Koons (MWSC), and Eli Enman (VTXC/Rossignol) less than 15 seconds behind him.  Tim Whiton (PortNordic) is skiing solo behind the top 6, chasing hard.  Middlebury’s Noah Brautigam is leading the 25k, some 30 seconds behind Whiton.  It appears that Kris Freeman opted not to start, leaving the race for first wide open.

<VTXC's Ryan Kerrigan leading Ben Koons (MWSC) and Eli Enman (VTXC/Rossignol)
<Tim Whiton (PortNordic/Bowdoin) chasing hard
<Middlebury's Noah Brautigam strides up Elinor's
<Marc Gilbertson (CNSC/Rossigonol) leads Topher Sabot (Fasterskier)
<Only Gilb can crack jokes during a 50k.

In the last picture, Gilb’s head is turned because he’s just telling me (in response to my subdued, quiet cheering), “C’mon, Ollie, I’m trying to be serious here.”

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