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Avatar Pete LJanuary 31, 2011

The coaches (and friends) klister up in the kitchen to sneak out for a quick pre-lunch ski to work-off breakfast. [Still figuring out this Blogger interface, so you’ll have to forgive that all the pictures are in reverse chronological order]

That is some top notch Swedish ‘power-V’ right there folks…
Paddy and Jack check out the start of the Fjällbryntloppet, named for the local purveyor of some cheese/mustard type spread that comes in an over-sized toothpaste tube (they are big on things like that around here – you can get your cheese spread with shrimp/lobster/crab/fish/mustard/caviar/you-name-it at the local grocery)
Swedish pancake creation
Swedish pancake creator
Dylan reacts to trying Nutella for the first time… or maybe is just being himself…
Just watched the groomers roll by here as I’m up early (again!), slowly letting the time zone adjustment take its course. Should be another day of great skiing – yep, total bummer. Kind of wish we had about three more days here so I could get in that epic ski that links together most all the trails. But it’s probably good that we don’t so none of the athletes are tempted to do the same. If I don’t return to the states next week, you’ll know why…
Today the plan is to do a TT on the trails in the AM and then head across town to Frösö, the island where the airport is and check out this giant XC terrain park in the PM – we’re hoping conditions there are better than jittery ice so we can actually use it. Undoubtedly we’ll do a little more shopping too. I’m sure Forrest will give you all a full run-down at the end of the day…



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