Swix: Ski Team Starter Wax Box Necessities

FasterSkierJanuary 13, 20113

Swix – A perfect wax and tool, for each snow condition.

Ski Team Starter Wax Box – The Necessities

T00785  Cross Country Profile Travel Kit

Ideal portable/traveling ski profile system.  Create your own ski bench anywhere.

T73110 “T73” Performance Waxing Iron

8mm plate provides stable and accurate iron temperatures.  Adjust temperature setting from 100ºC to 165ºC, covers the complete Swix Cera Nova wax line.

I0067  I67 Base Cleaner

Keep your ski bases and sidewalls clean from old grip wax with Swix’s base cleaner.  Environmentally safe and easy to use.

T0150B  Fiberlene Cleaning Towel

T0269D  Klister Scrubb

T0162B Medium Coarse Bronze Brush:

Great first wax brush. “Pre Wax” brush used before each waxing and also as a first brush after waxing.

T0160B Blue Nylon

The polish brush for all waxes.

T0157B Horse hair

All around brush on Cera F applications.

T0011 Synthetic Combi Kick Wax Cork with #100 grit sandpaper

A combi cork with sandpaper, to be used on kick zone before applying kick wax.  Roughening up the kick zone will help the kick wax adhere better to the ski base.

T0021  Combi Felt and Cork

Cork for Cera F application.

T0824D  Plexi Scraper

For removal of glide wax.

T0088  Pencil Groove Scraper

For removal of glide wax in ski groove.

T0086  Plastic Scraper for Kick Wax removal

T0403  Economy Structure Roller Tool

Comes with 0.5mm broken-V roller.  When snow conditions are either wet or moist, additional base structure is needed to break surface tension between snow and ski base.

R271 Wax Apron


CH10 Yellow; outstanding wax for base prep due to “high penetration” characteristics.


CH8 Red; all around travel wax and training wax in warmer temperatures.


LF8 Red; Excellent as a high performance training or race wax with Cera F as a top coat.


LF7 Violet; Very good race wax at low humidity or as an underlayer for Cera F.


CH6 Blue;  Common wintertime temperature range makes CH6 a go to wax for training or for racing in colder, dryer temperatures.


CH4 Green;  Excellent race wax used alone in very cold, dry conditions.

FC7WS Cera F Solid “Cold Turbo”

100% fluorocarbon solid block from 0ºC to -20ºC for all snow conditions.

FC8XWS Cera F Solid “White Uni Turbo”

100% fluorocarbon solid block from +4ºC to -4ºC for fine grained snow conditions.  Ideal in clean snow covering most normal winter conditions.

FC010BS Cera F Solid “Wet Turbo”

100% fluorocarbon solid block from 0ºC to +20ºC for wet, dirty and coarse snow conditions.  Ideal in dirty snow due to black lubricant.

VG035 Green Base Binder

Flexible and practical Basewax for VR and V-waxes.  Transformed fine grained and old snow from -1ºC to -22ºC.

V0040 Blue Extra

The most popular Swix Kick wax ever!  Very flexible and versatile wax used in new fallen snow from -1ºC to -7ºC and in old, fine grained snow from -3ºC to -10ºC

VR045  Flexi

A flexible fluoro grip wax for temperatures around freezing and lower, 0ºC to -4ºC in new fallen snow and -2ºC to -8ºC in old, fine grained snow.

VR055 Silver/Violet

For slightly moist new snow around freezing +2ºC to 0ºC and older transformed snow below freezing 0ºC to -3ºC.

VR065 Red/Yellow/Silver

Excellent wax on fresh slightly wet to moist snow newly fallen from 0ºC to +3ºC and older fine grained snow with high humidity from +1ºC to -1ºC.

KB020 Green Base Klister Spray Binder

Quick and easy klister binder application!  Upside down spray applicator for a controlled, even layer of klister binder.

KR35 Violet Special Klister

For frozen or wet corn snow conditions around or slightly below 0ºC.

K0022N VM Universal Klister

For coarse, granular snow changing from wet to crust.  +10ºC to -3ºC.

K0021N Silver Universal Klister

Works on both sides for freezing, +3ºC to -5ºC, when snow conditions are changing between coarse and transformed to wet, fine grained snow.

KR060 Vario Klister

Best on the warm side of freezing, for transformed, moist, fine grained snow and wet corn snow from +5ºC to 0ºC.

KR070 Aqua Klister

Wet snow klister with high moisture content and air temperatures well above freezing, +12ºC to +2ºC.

Look for updates at www.SwixRacing.us and SwixNordic on Facebook.

Only Swix’s Cera Nova wax matrix takes the guesswork out of waxing by creating a perfect wax for each snow condition.


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  • markpelletier

    January 13, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    You guys should be ashamed of yourself…. toxic waste to have a good time, what ever happened to the simpler days of racing when it wasnt about corporate hijacking of our sport…. and yes I wax my own skis with pork fat.

  • trski

    January 13, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    Ferrari v. BioDiesel powered VW …. sorry I choose the Ferrari on race day…

  • markpelletier

    January 14, 2011 at 10:15 am

    yep… and the story of our ski culture, bought into technology over brain power…
    Racing used to be for everyone, not just those with extra cash.
    Makes as much sense as having a National ski race in Rumford Maine….. Just lets all add to global warming by sending athletes across the country, to rock ski a 2.7 k loop…. or lets start to think again. Such a beautiful sport turned stupid.
    You know its a recreational sport…. and for a very few a professional one…. lets tone down the tech. and retake this what was an environmentally sensitive activity.

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