We WILL Race Tomorrow…!

Holly BrooksJanuary 1, 2011

I’ll admit, the snow conditions in Rumford are a bit sketchy.  Today during “race prep” I think we were skiing on an inch of compressed, translucent slush.  The necessary tactics required a whole new set of agility…. the ability to dodge this, dodge that, etc, etc.

Despite the lack of snow and temperatures soring into the mid 40’s, I am certain that we are going to have a high qualify race tomorrow.  There is no doubt in my mind that the race organizers, the TDs, and John Farra (USSA Nordic Director) will come up with the best, viable option possible.

Needless to say, the APU team is ready to make it happen! Luckily there is snow from the last storm to move onto the trail. (This was yesterday) 

Covering the “brown streak”

We had some fun with the shovels too! 
Team APU with our shovels. Coach Erik Flora figured out some shoveling stats that he shared with us today.  He calculated that if every athlete registered for US Nationals “prepped” (meaning shoveled and spread) snow on 5 meters of the distance course, we would have a covered distance course!  This calculation brings a whole new meaning to my grandmother’s saying, “Many hands make light work.”  I know that folks on my team, myself included, have worked too hard all year to have these races not happen.  I am confident they will – and that they’ll be great! 

If you’re not ready, Reese Hanneman is!

Today on the upper part of the sprint loop that we shoveled yesterday

Last night we had all our teammates over for homemade lasagna New Years Eve dinner.  Because our team is so big, we’re staying in three separate locations. It’s sweet to have a big crew but logistically tough.  It was fun to get everyone together to welcome the new year, even though we went to bed early 🙂 

There was one rule for the “Party.”  Each person had to wear one piece of “flare” and one piece of “APU.”  Here is Forrest demonstrating his flare….. 
More soon
Holly 🙂 

Holly Brooks

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