Auction to Help Winter Games in New York

FasterSkierFebruary 19, 20112

Demong Designs in partnership with the US Ski Team, the Olympic Regional Development Authority and the Lake Placid CVB unveiled an auction fundraiser for the Empire State Games today in Lake Placid, New York. The venue and trail design firm sought a way to support the Empire State Games, which played an important role in the athletic development of partners Cheney-Seymour and Olympic Champion Bill Demong.

“When we heard the Empire State Games were in need of regional support we thought an auction from current Olympians would be a fantastic way to contribute to our state wide athletic community and ensure that the games continue” said Kris Cheney-Seymour. “As former participants and medalists we understand the impact this event has on the lives of New Yorkers and how these experience not only inspire competitors but support the aspirations of communities and business.”

The online auction boasts unique personal items from  New York State Olympians Andrew Weibrecht, Haley Hovey Johnson, Lowell Bailey, Tim Burke, Billy Demong and John Napier and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support the Empire State Winter Games.



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