Classic Race recap for Trapp’s Eastern Cups

FasterSkierFebruary 7, 2011

It was a beautiful day of classic racing on Sunday. Trapp’s did an incredible job grooming the new snow, and made a double-track best line course that even Bente Skari or Juha Mieto would be proud to ski on. Justin nailed the wax, again, and we had a great post-race lunch around the camp-stove. The chili was delicious!

Thanks to all the parents that helped with the post-race food/drinks! We are getting quite a smorgasbord of treats.

And the pictures…

Ryley Walker striding up the first hill:

Kaitlin Fitzgerald in the start gate:

Coach Beckwith, Elena Lüthi, and Kristin Halvorsen:

Jackson Rich up the first hill:

Heidi Halvorsen up the first hill:

Hans Halvorsen around the 4km mark:

Elena Lüthi at the 2km mark:

Devlin Shea at the 3km point:

Kristin Halvorsen at the 2km mark:


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