Dolomite Training Camp

FasterSkierFebruary 19, 2011
Some Pictures from the Dolomites. Finishing up training for the upcoming World Military Winter Champ’s. Training has progressed well so far. Luckily Mr Wynn Roberts was on th same schedule. Will be following the US Biathlon Team’s results from the European Biathlon Championships in Italy starting on Monday. They should do well there with Wynn, Leif , Russell and BIll contesting for the Podium. Will be sad to leave this Winter Wonderland. Have actually refrained from systematic overtraining. Unbelievably!!
Since returning from Afghanistan have been able to be involved in a few periods of complete systematic overtraining, overreaching. (Example 60+ hr in 2weeks, with 4 races, at near 7,000ft in West Yellowstone) Fortunately have been able to somewhat recover from these periods. AND now applying common sense to life’s opportunities. For instance: Tomorrow a tempting delectable Euroloppet near here( only 42km) that is on the way to Munchen is being passed by. It would have been awesome to jump in…. but have to fly on Monday to CISM and race Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Another time.

Looking down into Antholz Valley. THe World Cup Biathon course is on the other side of the Antholz See (lake)

Up on hte pass above Antholz. A very special place.

View leaving the parking lot to go to morning training

Quaint place that is definetely snowparidise

Quite peculiar to see them removing snow from the ski track. This range is so dialed in that it would out of whack with extra snow.

Quote of the Day from my 7 yo Will last week
“When are you going to shave? You look like a Chinese Lady??”
No idea where he got that from. Believe he meant Man.
Although the Man is sporting a Faux Hawk, Mullet and some kind of Catfish Hunter Facial Hair.
Luckily he is pulling it off well.

Unbelievable, I was too scared to gander inside and inquire what they offered or meant.

Laying down suppressive fire

World class shooting coach in action

Notice the frown. Too many misses.

Mean Greeny on location in Austrich


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