Skate TT in Sleet

Sverre CaldwellFebruary 28, 2011

Today we had a skate TT scheduled. The weather was not cooperating (sleet was falling at the rate of 1″/hr.) and the trails that had been perfectly groomed last night looked as if someone had laid a big white blanket over them.
All the better! Sometimes the weather isn’t pretty, but nordic skiing is an outdoor sport and you have to deal with it.
Because of the 2-4″ of sleet, ski flex and pacing became critical. Times for the team were all over the place. On the boys side, Skyler crushed it and no two boys were within 1 minute of one another. Then…on the girls side, Cam and Heather tied to the second. Go figure….
Regardless, it was a good hard workout for everyone. Here are some pictures.
Austin nears the lap lane.
Nick V2’s up the hill..
Tyler won the J2 race handily.
Charlie charges the first hill.
Mac starts the 1 km downhill.
Brooke finishing strong.
Hallie hammers the last big hill.
Sometimes you just gotta do it…and besides…sleet is better than rain!

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Sverre Caldwell

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