Sverre CaldwellFebruary 24, 2011

We had an excellent sprint practice today. We were honoring the World Championships (where Andy got 10th!) and getting ready for Jr Nationals. The conditions were perfect and the weather was sublime.
After a warm up and some practice starts (pictured below) we ran a prelim and 3 heats.
It is always interesting to see how fast the kids ski in the prelim and the heats. Typically the pure sprinters do really well in the prelim and hang on in the heats while others may get faster in the heats. There was a day when SMS was known for our sprinters. Now that’s not the case, we have kids who can do well because they are tough through the heats, but they may not have the pure speed. We do have 3 pure sprinters, but you can guess who they are?
Anytime we time a workout, it is easy to get all fired up and analyze the results. This can lead to twisted logic…here is some to help this old coach feel good… last time I raced Brooke, I whopped her. Brooke beat Heather in a couple of sprint starts today. Heather was 31st at Jr World Champs in the sprint. Skyler was 35th at Jr Worlds in the sprint. Skyler was 3rd at Sr. Nationals. Ergo…. I could have easily won Sr. Nationals 🙂 Watch out Rob Bradlee, here I come!
Brooke spanks Heather off the line.
Tess and ‘Kenzie.
Rachel and Cambria.
The Caldwell cousins.
Mac lays it down on Nick (who learned not to bring his rock skis to sprint practice).
Hallie and Issy.
Bridger pushed Skyler hard, but couldn’t quite get him.
Charlie and Tyler.

Warm down chat.
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Sverre Caldwell

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