XCFeedsThe Athletes Report- Vol. V

Avatar Matthew JohnsonFebruary 2, 2011

Ornskoldsvik: Day 1. After a buffet-style breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the ski trails. The
walk was maybe 10 minutes to the venue (a bit longer than the 10 steps at Camp Sodergren) but
temperatures were nice and the day promised to be sunny.

The team walks the streets of Ornskoldsvik from the hotel to the race-venue.

The view from the parking lot includes a soccer field, the ski stadium, and a bridge that leads to the trails beyond.

Team USA girls: Cam, Stella, Annie, Sharmila, Marion, Hannah

At the race venue, athletes toured the skate course and dialed in their klister zones in preparation for the sprint race on Friday. The trail in the trees is narrow and windy, with some exciting downhill turns that will be a spectator favorite in the heats. The qualifiers don’t begin until 4 in the afternoon… Night racing here we come!!

In the afternoon, we did the tourist thing and shopped some more. We found our favorite store (Intersport), a giant mall unlike anything in Ostersund, and a massive thrift-store.



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