V.A.S.T. Adventure and Biathlon Under the Lights

FasterSkierFebruary 10, 2011

This morning we went for an adventure ski right here in the Mad River Valley. We started at The Battleground on the Catamount Trail. We climbed for over an hour up a snowshoe trail, then met up with the a groomed VAST Trail. The terrain on the VAST trail was very hilly, and very steep! It was an adventure with a big group of skiers, 2 golden retrievers, and plenty of powder!

Tonight I brought a group of 6 athletes up to Ethan Allen for another Thursday Night Biathlon race. The skiing there is phenomenal, and shooting under the lights is always a blast.

Antoine St-Louis takes top honors for shooting, hitting 9/10, on expert targets.
Leah Brams, in her first ever biathlon, hit 7/10.
Coach Tim Weston went 7/10.
Hans Halvorsen hit 5/10 on the Expert targets.
Kaitlin hit 5/10, I believe.
Ryley notched 3/10.
Nathanael Kuzio also hit 3/10 on the Expert targets.
And Noah Eckstein was a glutton for the penalty loop, going a perfect 10/10 (on opposite day!).


Nathanael, Ryely, Hans // Noah, Tim, Leah, post-Biathlon:

Leah and Kaitlin:

Noah at the finish of 7.5km of racing!

Heidi leading the group through the pow:
Nathanael and Nell on the descent:

Leah and Valentina on the descent:

Noah and Coach Beckwith, followed by Rafter:

Hans, Devlin, Noah, Elena, Antoine, Justin, trees:
Heidi, Leah, Valentina, Kaitlin, Nathanael, Jackson

Heidi, Jackson, Hans, Kaitlin, Antoine (look at Jackson’s grin!):

Dev enjoyed the downhills today, I’m sure:


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