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March 21, 2011

Au Revoir and Merci Beaucoup

The words from an old Tom Rush tune play on through the night, its words so true by morning their memory still rings in my head.

Thanks for all you have done. It might sound hollow
I know you’ve tried to keep me from the cold
Thank you for the good times that we have known
But I must find my own road now to follow
You will all be welcome in my home

The experience of throwing on the MOD-adorned Helly Hansen jacket has been something I’ve been proud of since the first day joining the program. I hope to see the team blossom and bloom even more from a little bit farther afar.

Scott I know you well enough to know you might worry away a bit of the day thinking I’m walking away from this team and place. But that is not the case. I am striding purposely, confidently to all that awaits. I am going back to a combination of skiing and school that I know for me is exactly what I need, from this day going forward. Now is not the time for me to hesitate, or be late.

I would really life to thank Scott Johnston and Midge Cross for opening their hearts and home to me, to Sam and Erik, my teammates who are more comrades-in-arms. To the Methow Olympic board members, the donors, and the supporters that stretch from Mazama to Scandinavia, you all deserve more than the thank you I can give you right now.

I hope we all can celebrate the good times. I leave this team and this town with my head held high. Like the lyrics of the song say, “You are all welcome in my home.”

To the best of times. And those that will be.

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