Classic TT

Sverre CaldwellMarch 2, 2011

Today we had a mass start classic race. J2’s raced 4 km, J1 girls raced 8 kms and older boys raced 12 kms. We started everyone together and used a 4 km lap. This created some congestion and different pacing options which was perfect practice for JN’s.
Skyler took it out hard and many of the chasers paid the price. Heather hammered with some of the boys and pulled away from the other girls but was swallowed up 1/2 way through. It was a great practice because everyone got exposed to different scenarios in a mass start. Do you hang on or pace yourself, do you go or wait etc… I am confident that everyone learned something from the time trail and that is always good.
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Skyler and Bridger hammer the first herringbone hill.
Murph and Mac.
The girls chase pack at 2 km. They reeled in Heather 1 km later and had a good battle over the 2nd lap of the course.
Bridger skied smoothly.
Charlie and Austin battle through the woods.
Cambria nips Rachel for the W.
Times (lap times followed by finish time)
Skyler 10:46, 11:37, 11:31, 33:54
Bridger 11:00, 12:00, 12:08, 35:08
Charlie 11:38, 12:28, 13:35, 37:41
Mac 11:59, 12:50, 13:12, 38:01
Nick 12:00 13:41, 15:13, 40:54
Cam 12:55, 13:00, 25:55
Rachel 12:56, 13:00, 25:56
Heather 12:57, 13:21, 26:18
Hallie 12:58, 13:30, 26:28
Issy 13:41, 14:08, 27:49
Tyler 11:06
Brooke 13:17

Sverre Caldwell

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