JN Opening Ceremony

Sverre CaldwellMarch 7, 2011

Yesterday afternoon we had our opening ceremonies. All of the teams met in the entrance to the skyway and we walked a couple of blocks to our destination. Since we are all staying in the same hotel AND we were able to stay inside and warm, it went smoothly and everyone was happy.
PNSA with their “mascot” up high.
Two by two.
We marched through Macy’s and to our destination the IDC center.
Looking down.
The drummers.
Looking across (as team NE enters).
Looking up.
Alan Page (Minnesota Supreme Court Justice and ex NFL player) addresses the athletes.
There were several short speeches and some entertainment (broomers, tap dancers, drummers).. It was a good mix and a nice ceremony.
We took advantage of the situation to get a team picture.
Today our sprint races start at noon and end under the lights. It will probably be 9:30 pm by the time we get back for dinner and bed. Should be a fun day!

Sverre Caldwell

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