Just another day in Norway

FasterSkierMarch 15, 2011
Sjusjoen is a tiny village, but is surrounded by 6,500 ski cabins.
How far to Lillehammer?
Today was another great day of skiing.   Temps were a little warmer, and the tracks seemed a little greasy.     After a relaxed morning ski, checking out  the downhills from Sjusjoen down to Lillehammer, followed by lunch, I went out in the afternoon and did some ski and wax testing.
Although there isn’t a big variation in temperature in the area, the tracks vary somewhat within a radius of a few km’s from the hotel.   
It’s still a few days until the Birkie, and conditions are bound to change a fair bit, but it is a good exercise to compare skis and fiddle with a few wax combinations.
It’s no surprise that Swix Blue Extra (V40) has such a following here – you can make it work almost all the time.     Today it wasn’t the best – a little bit of drag under the foot – but you could still make it work.     A couple other waxes seemed to have better grip and easier glide.      But the Blue Extra was still getting it done for those skiers with just two sticks of wax in their pocket.
Quick Lunch!     The grocery store is a cultural experience.