A Week in Norway: The Flavor of Holmenkollen and Its Masses

Matthew VoisinMarch 5, 20111

The dealers on the Fischer / Swix trip to Norway headed up the hill today from Oslo to Holmenkollen, like many we were part of the massive crowd.  With a blue sky overhead and downtown Oslo as a background, fans piled along the course of the ladies’ 30km freestyle race today at Holmenkollen everywhere they could.  The stadium was filled to capacity and space along the race course was hard to find, it was an exciting day.  Here is a visual look at what the day was like as part of the crowd.

Getting up to Holmenkollen from downtown Oslo was challenging to say the least this morning, train after train was complete full.
A virtual conveyor-belt of fans work their way from the train stop towards the Holmenkollen stadium.
The mass start works its way toward the one kilometer mark.
The fans lined everywhere they possibly could.
Even Brazilian Mirlene Picin, who skied several minutes off the back, got the full support of the passionate Norwegian fans.
US Ski Team head coach Chris Grover listening in on the radio.
Fans without tickets found places to cheer where ever they could.
Liz Stephen working her way up through the pack in the early kilometers.
The American pack of Kikkan Randall (18th place), Morgan Arritola (21st place) and Holly Brooks (25th place) charging.
The number of volunteers to pull off the championships is significant.
With a backdrop of downtown Oslo the leaders make their way out on the third lap.
Skiers from front to back were greeted by loud cheering and encouragement every time they entered the stadium.
The cheering somehow managed to get even louder whenever a Norwegian was passing.
Only in Norway.
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  • Magnus Bigelow

    March 5, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Those aren’t volunteers. That is the crown prince and his entourage. (He’s the one with the facial hair)

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