Sun Valley 25/50 km

Sverre CaldwellMarch 27, 2011

The first race at Sun Valley was held Saturday morning under cloudy skies. The men raced 50 km and Jrs raced 25 km.
Here are a bunch of SMS and Burke kids who went out to watch.
We arrived Friday afternoon and the 50 km was Saturday morning. Austin decided to jump in the Jr race (25 km). Everyone else opted to cheer (this is actually what the coaches recommended). Austin skied a solid race, but noticed the altitude. (Every time he tried to go fast, he would quickly tire).
Paddy enjoyed the day.
The trail loops around the open valley. The course was quite tough (total climb around 4500 feet).
Revived films gets to work.
Sun Valley? Today it stayed overcast and in the high 20’s. This was actually welcome by all of the racers and wax techs because the conditions stayed quite consistent and in the hard wax range. Most people had solid kick throughout the race.
The pack about 1/2 way through. The pace was steady throughout the race and the pack remained pretty big until Noah pushed the pace on the 4th lap (he got reeled back in) and then Glen hammered on the start of the 5th lap. Glenn opened up a 25 second lead, but a group of 7 pulled him back in. The combination of attackes from Noah and Glen, blew apart the pack and there were lots of “hurting dudes” for the 6th and 7th lap.
Kris Freeman skied a strong, smooth, smart race and picked up the pace with 4 kms to go. No one could quite manage to hold on and he came home with a solid 20 second (or so) victory.
Gus K is here coaching CXC.

Sverre Caldwell

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