World Champs Briefly

FasterSkierMarch 4, 2011

Team Photo in our sweet new BD sweatshirts.

The best Parmesan cheese I have ever tasted! AMAZING! Straight from a local Italian farm with 200 Buffalo. Cool.

Ice Caves at the Holmenkollen Venue. Pretty sweet looking, though I never went in them.
Bird in the skate portion of the pursuit, just off the lead pack.
The Hoff hassling any and all he could.
Harvey and his gap on the rest of the field. Gutsy move that day, really impressive, and one of these years he is going to hold it the whole way.
Feed zone in the pursuit. Total craziness.

Mens pursuit day. Crowds were huge and only got bigger through the week.

Norwegian Fans. They would cheer for everyone really loudly and cause deafness if you were Norwegian.
View of the ski jump and some of the stadium
Spectators were literally everywhere, and not just one row, but 50 rows deep and along the entire course. They packed into the woods, between trees, anywhere they could possibly be, they would go. Every day. For 10 days. It must have been exhausting. The day of the mens pursuit 3,000 people missed the race because they were in line for the trains for so long. So, they started hiking to the venue 5 hours before the races would even start. It was nuts. Camping would for sure be the way to go, for the added fun factor and the time saver!
Steph (our awesome volunteer massage therapist from Caribou, Maine), Kikkan, Sadie, Jessie, Holly, me, and Nancye Rahn (USST staff member who took her vacation to come watch our races!)
Me, the US Ambassador to Norway, and Nancye. The Ambassador and his wife invited us to their house one night to mingle a bit. Super nice.
A very cute, very fired up Norwegian kid, of which there were many.
Medals Ceremony entertainment the night of the Canadians win in the Team Sprint. We were extremely fired up and I for sure thought I was Canadian that night. So psyched for those guys!
Medals Ceremony. Awesome singers and performers.
And extreme costumes!
No words. This guy is into it.
The Swedish Princess and Prince who came to watch the Swedish women receive their gold medal.
Pretty psyched Gold Medalists!
More pretty pumped Gold medalists, Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey. Congrats guys!!!
Billy Demong being honored for his 6th place finish
Todd Lodwick celebrating his 5th place
And more fans just celebrating anything and everything they could.
I have lots more to say, and will continue to post stories from the Championships, but wanted to get something up before everyone got sick of waiting and spammed my blog or something! Sorry for the long waits…..more soon! Final World Cup for me in Lahti, Finland tomorrow then flying home to Park City. Super psyched to see some friends and get ready for spring series in Sun Valley at the end of March.


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