Norway Announces 2011-12 National Teams

Inge ScheveApril 29, 20112

For the 2011-12 season, the Norwegian Ski Association (NSF) has named a total of 45 athletes and 2 part-time/auditing athletes to the various national teams. While there are no major changes in the lineups for the men’s and women’s A teams, the NSF has moved Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen from the women’s all-round team to the women’s sprint team, and Sjur Røhte was named to the men’s all-round team after delivering an impressive fourth place finish in the 50K at the World Championships in Oslo.

NSF has named 22 skiers to the all-round and sprint teams, while 10 skiers are named to the new development teams. Additionally, NSF gas named seven skiers to the junior national team and six racers to the adaptive national team.

“The teams feature a good combination of experienced and young talent. These racers will represent the core of the national teams leading up to the 2015 World Championships in Falun,” said national team director Åge Skinstad.

Karianne Bjellånes is named to the team part time as an auditor, but might be a permanent part of the team if she completes the required training.

Still missing coaches

The men’s all-round team and the women’s sprint team are still without coaches. Skinstad hopes to fill those positions soon.

“We have received a solid pool of applications, and we are currently reviewing the options. After the national team camps at Fuerteventura are finished on May 10, we will take care of this,” Skinstad said.

Marte Elden has decided to take a year off from skiing, and was not named to the team.

The NSF also announced that there will be some changes in the wax team and the support staff later this spring.

The team selections are as follows:

All-round women’s team (name followed by club affiliation): Marit Bjørgen, Rognes IL; Therese Johaug, IL Nansen; Marthe Kristoffersen, IL Varden; Kristin Størmer Steira, IL Forsøk; Vibeke Skofterud, Slitu IF. Head coach: Egil Kristiansen

Women, sprint: Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, IL Heming; Celine Brun-Lie, Njård; Ingvild Flugstad Østberg, Gjøvik Skiklubb; Maiken Caspersen Falla, Gjerdrum IF; Karianne Bjellånes, Henning Skilag (Part time/ auditing). Sprint coach: TBA

All-round men’s team: Tord Asle Gjerdalen, Fossum IF; Petter Northug jr., Strindheim IL; Eldar Rønning, Skogn IL; Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Røa IL; Sjur Røthe, Voss IL; Petter Eliassen, Byåsen IL; Kristian Tettli Rennemo, Leksvik IL. Head coach: TBA

Men, sprint: Ola Vigen Hattestad, Ørje IL; Johan Kjølstad, Skogn IL; Eirik Brandsdal, Kjelsås IL; Øystein Pettersen, Lillomarka Skiklubb; Anders Gløersen, Rustad IL; John Kristian Dahl, Strindheim IL. Sprint coach: Ulf Morten Aune

Women – Development team: Heidi Weng, IL i BUL; Ragnhild Haga, IL Heming ; Britt Ingunn Nydal, Njård; Kari Øyre Slind, Oppdal IL ; Martine Ek Hagen, IL i BUL; Hilde Lauvhaug, Skrautvål IL (Part time/ auditing)

Men – Development team: Pål Golberg, Gol IL ; Tomas Northug, Strindheim IL ; Finn-Hågen Krogh, Tverrelvdalen IL; Niklas Dyrhaug, Tydal IL; Didrik Tønseth, Byåsen IL

Junior Women: Barbro Kvåle, Brandbu IL; Hilde Landheim, Tynset IF; Anne-Tine Markset, IL i BUL; Marthe Bjørnsgaard, Lillehammer Skiklub

Junior Men: Sindre Bjørnestad Skar, Bærums Verk IF; Sondre Turvoll Fossli, Hokksund IL; Martin Nyenget, Siggerud IL
Head coaches all juniors: Roar Hjelmeset and Brit Baldishol (admin support for the juniors)

Women – Adaptive: Mariann Vestbøstad Marthinsen, Loddefjord IL

Men – Adaptive: Vegard Dahle, Byåsen IL; Helge Flo, Hodr IL; Trygve Steinar Toskedal Larsen, Avaldsnes IL; Håkon Olsrud, Nordbygda/Løten Ski; Nils Erik Ulset, Tingvoll IL. Coach: Torbjørn Broks Pettersen

Source:, Press release from the Norwegian Ski Association, April 29, 2011.

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Inge Scheve

Inge is FasterSkier's international reporter, born and bred in Norway. A cross-country ski racer and mountain runner, she also dabbles on two wheels in the offseason. If it's steep and long, she loves it. Follow her on Twitter: @IngeScheve.

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  • highstream

    April 29, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    Did Kristin Størmer Steira decide not to retire?

  • Train Wreck

    May 2, 2011 at 1:49 am


    “IL” means idrettlag, which means sports team, or club.

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