That’s a Wrap!

FasterSkierApril 11, 2011

It’s hard to believe the 2010-2011 ski season has come to an end! The spring series super tour did not disappoint in Sun Valley, Idaho. After a huge snow storm, the week kicked off with the U.S. National 30/50k with pristine conditions and progressed to the super tour finals. It was a long week of racing, but thanks to all the volunteers and organizers, it turned out to be a great event!

The week did not go as well as I had hoped but I managed to pull off one of my best races of the season on the last day off competition on the hillclimb up Dollar Mountain. This is not a usual cross-country event…instead it was a 4 kilometer skate race up an alpine ski resort. Right from the start I charged up the mountain. I definitely came to a point where I wasn’t sure I was physically capable of finishing, but thanks to all the spectators, the cheers kept me going. I crossed the finish line and collapsed to my knees, completely out of breath! Whoa! I had given it everything I had! Later that afternoon, I was unexpectedly called up to the podium to receive my 4th place award!! I had no idea that the race went that well! What a nice way to end the season!!

Making my way up Dollar Mountain
Woman’s podium for the hill climb

The following day, the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation put on another very successful Fast and Female event! With over 70 girls attending, 7 Olympians and 23 ambassadors, we spent the day skiing, playing games, dancing, doing yoga, listening to Olympic advice, eating lunch and signing posters! What a great day!

My 9-10 age orange group!

All the girls!

Now it is time to get rested, do some relaxing and go on some adventures! Winter is still in full swing around here, so we are making the best of it and enjoying some fun back-country skiing.

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