Beautiful Day For A Ski

Sverre CaldwellJune 30, 2011

What a nice day for our specific strength workout. After a 7 km d-pole warm up, everyone took a drink and then did four 6 minute uphill intervals on Terrible Mtn, alternating straight d-pole and d-pole with a kick. They then d-poled 14 km for warm down. Each week we will do a little more and by the fall they should be pretty tough.
Austin gets in a nice forward position.
Issy P is working on rolling a bit further forward and she made some nice progress today.
Sam works the hill.
My garden has not liked the cool, wet weather, but these wild flowers seem happy.
Matt gives the younger girls some pointers.
As you head north out of Weston, there are 3 good climbs to chosse from. This is the “Andover” hill, just out of town. We ended our workout with a bit of striding technique.
Tess works on her stride w/o poles.

Meanwhile, the REG camp continues up in Craftsbury, click here to read a story from some of our SMS girls who are there.
And…click here for an update from Austin Cobb.

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Sverre Caldwell

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