Eagle Glacier in photos

Holly BrooksJune 21, 2011
Our team recently finished an on-snow camp at the Thomas Training Center on Eagle Glacier outside of Girdwood, AK.  Here are a couple of pictures and a quick review of the week: 
Lift off in the helicopter…. 
 Keith Essex of Alpine Air is one of the best pilots around. He gets us to the glacier quickly but more importantly, SAFELY. I highly recommend Alpine for anyone visiting AK who is looking for a cool sight-seeing opportunity….. 
 Lifting up above the clouds….. 
 Home sweet home
 Touch down on Eagle 
Unloading and waving goodbye to Keith
 Erik’s excited to be on the glacier for the first trip of the summer! 
Technique advice from an “AK style onesie” 
APU Girls: Holly, Fitz, Tax, Sadie, GA, Wrecka
Most of the pictures are the glorious days but the majority of our sessions looked exactly like THIS. Glamorous huh? 
Then these are the days we live for…. and enjoy even more
 Becca and Fitz putting in their time
Skiing into a glacier cloud
Me 🙂 
Casey Fagerquist – our ski tech/glacier manager/all around good guy
Our ever-enthusiastic leader, Erik Flora
Our old teammate and new glacier assistant, Mikey Matteson!
The staff 🙂 
Me putting in the Ks!
One of the beautiful snow features on the glacier….. a really big hole you DON’T want to ski into.
OMG. Is that a FOOT massage?
Planks and core work up on the glacier
A shameless plug for Swix – the best wax/ski pole brand!
Fitz squatting it up!
One of our new teammates, Erik Bjornsen
Alpine flowers found at the beginning of the hike down
Slightly picturesque
Literally sliding back into reality and life off the glacier. 
Until next time! 
Thanks for reading, 
Holly 🙂 

Holly Brooks

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