Post Graduation Update — Summer Training Has Begun

FasterSkierJune 9, 2011
There’s a lot going on up here in Waitsfield.  First Congrats to Ryley Walker, Elena Luethi and Jackson Rich for graduating!!      

The last few weeks have been filled with Senior Trip, exams, spring testing, and Hans leading the team to GMVS’s first State Championship Lacrosse Game — this Saturday at Castelton @11am.

Dylan Grald and David Sinclair have come back to Waitsfield for the summer to lead and participate in summer training.  We are planning on hosting lots of skiers at camps and invite sessions.  If you’d like to join us for some training in the Valley email me at

This year we have our first local BKL Day Camp — June 20 – 23. We will be having fun and doing ski specific work with this awesome group of 8-11 year old skiers from right here in the Valley!

We love seeing our alums come back!  Here, Hans, David and Daniel Moore lead Luke Costley and Sam Rossier in a ski across East Warren Road last summer.

A nice group shot after Summer Camp 2010 attacked the Plunkton DP Test.

Ski Walking Intervals on Sugarbush.

Rafter can’t wait to see you all!!!

Senior Internship Trip atop Smugglers Notch where we moved the old Watson Shelter on piece at a time over the course of the week.  The seniors were amazing — moving the whole shelter over a rough section of trail to be transported away .4 miles each trip.

Some of you might recognize this section of road leading into the Notch — no snow now — but maybe we’ll see you there next October/November.

Mansfield through the trees from the Long Trail North.

Boss Man Raf taking a break.

Ryley and Co. feeding themselves at the “Top of the Notch”

Ben Hegman joining us for intervals last summer.

One of the great days: High water on the Hudson Gorge in 85 degree heat! Which one’s Ryley?

Can you find Elena?

Guess who that is?

The seniors and the pile of debris they moved.

The after shot — a week in the woods, complete with rugged thunderstorms, monumental work accomplished and a lot of fun to boot!

Go Green, Go Gumby. Devlin Shea is always thumbs up!

Hans finishing his running leg in the Blueberry Triathlon last week.

Excuse me boys … Heidi Halvorsen showing the boys how it’s done BLT style.


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