Rest Day

FasterSkierJune 15, 2011

Kikkan, Anna and I had a rest day today, so, like our last rest day, we slept in until we couldn’t anymore, which happened to be 10 am, again! So awesome! We had a leisurely breakfast which ended just as Emil was coming home from his morning session of paddling. A couple hours later we met Sara Lindborg for lunch at the top of a water storage tank. It was a really nice restaurant and we enjoyed the view after an arduous climb up many flights of stairs!

Emil, Sara, me and Anna enjoying a nice lunch.

The hot water storage tank on top of which is the restaurant we ate at.

Kikkan and I at the top of a small mountain on an island just across the water from Ostersund. Sara took us on a long run the first morning we arrived which started at the ski tracks and rolled through the forest and then along the lake back home.

Kikkan and Sara

Anna and Emil posing by/on their car.
A view from our run the first day.

Anna posing in her new Helly Hanson sailing jacket!
Emil ready to weather anything.

Pizza night! Yes, you are seeing that right, banana. Interesting and pretty darn good!

Lunch in the sun!!
We will head to Torsby with the Women’s team tomorrow after a training session here in the morning. It will be hard to leave life with Emil and Anna, as we have had many good laughs, meals, training sessions and just overall a great time with our hosts. Emil has said a couple of times that he is taking us to the airport for an unexpected flight out, but we are still here so he must have been joking! More from Torsby and the ski tunnel!!


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