Summer Camp Musings

FasterSkierJune 30, 2011

The cool weather has been awesome for the first days of our Fifth Annual GMVSxc Camps — only the hearty took a dip in the Mad post workout today. We focused on classic technique — with two lectures, and two ski sessions — one geared toward specific strength and one with refined motions and agility.

Pre – ski safety chat.

George Voigt.  Most Honest Camper Award. And a heck of a Wiffleballer.

Mr. Degen.  First classic roll of the year.  Quarterback dreamer.

Blaine Ayotte.  Derby Veteran.

Ainara Arcelus.  Downhill lover.  Harvard.

Kaitlin Fitzgerald. 

Moretown Legend. Nathanael Kuzio.

Mr. Q and A — Parker Sheinfeld.
Rebecca Smith. CSU.

Calvin and Hobbes.  Wight and Hegman.

Sean Delany.  Local CVU/Mansfield Boy.

Dueling Alpina’s.  Voigt and Grald.

Jacob Meyerson. Skiing big.

Blaine charging upward.

Rebecca focused.

Devlin Shea leading morning sport.  “The Airplane.”


Love the view from the Dining Hall porch in the morning.  The ridge we hiked shrouded in the clouds.

Yesterday we hiked the ridge from Lincoln to Appalachian Gap. The 10 mile Long Trail hike / trail run took us over Mt. Abe, Sugarbush South and North and the little slice of heaven known as Mad River Glen. We hiked in and out of a low cloud cover. It was a spectacular mix of mountain air and good joke telling!