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Sverre CaldwellJuly 5, 2011

Our group was a little weary at 8 this morning. It seems that staying up late to watch fireworks is fun, but tiring.
We started the day with a warm up consisting of some running drills and jumps, then we headed out for 1.5 hrs of trail running with ski walking/bounding on the hills.

Grape vine.
Knee slaps.
Hallie and Cam.
Sophie and Mae.
8th grade striders.
Issy P.
Next we tried some 1 leg jumps. Here, Andy demonstrates how to do it. This is good for strength and balance.
Nick and Koby.
Fritz and Andy.
Mae and Charlotte.
2 leg jumps.
After the warm up and jumps we headed out to the trails for a distance trail run. There is some logging being done on our trails so it was a bit rough, but we still had a good workout.
Sophie and Gage.

Issy and Hallie.

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Sverre Caldwell

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