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FasterSkierJuly 18, 2011
On my way back to Park City from Sweden a month ago, (not sure how a month has already passed by, but it has) I stopped to visit Vermont for a few days. It was nice to have some time there in the summer, as I usually miss out completely on this time of year in Vermont. My parent’s garden was just getting into the swing of things, so we were pulling asparagus, lettuce and plenty of herbs for dinner each night, which is living the dream for me for sure. These pictures are extremely out of order, so prepare to get confused now!

My Cousin Josh and his beautiful wife Kate, who braved pregnancy and just gave birth yesterday to a 7 pound baby boy named Peter. So excited to meet him!!!

Alex Shaffer, Cory Wubbles and my Mom last week in Park City. My mom came out for a visit at the tail end of my big training week which was super awesome. We got to spend some really good time together and had a few BBQ’s with really good friends, like the ones above.
Matt enjoying the company of a really cute dog named Lulu, on a really beautiful evening in Park City.
My Mom and I met at the top of The Canyons Ski Resort after ski motored to the top of the gondola and I ran on the mid-mountain trail from town. We ate lunch at a fancy restaurant at the top and then enjoyed a free gondola ride down!
I received a surprise package from good friends last week which contained a bunch of delicious Vermont goodies and a tie dyed T-shirt that says “Peace, Love and Cows” on it. So, as you would guess, they pretty much nailed it in terms of what I’m in to!! Thanks Andrea and Theo!!!
I participated in a mud run with a bunch of the USSA staff the other week which benefitted gynecological cancer research. There were some serious costumes as you may be able to imagine, what with all the feminine products out there and a bunch of women let loose to support a cause. One of my favorite moments was when a male supporter of one of the teams ran by in a tampon necklace. You definitely don’t see that kind of commitment every day!
We were at the race to support a USSA staff member and her fight against Ovarian cancer, so this was one of the posters on our decorated van.
I did a rollerski clinic when I was home for a newly started group called the Lebanon Summer Ski Program. A lot of the kids were experiencing their first go round on the rollerskis, which is a challenging day for all, so Kudos for all of you who braved that first day! They were a really great group of athletes and they are all working together all summer to get a bit better for this year’s season. Training with a group of fun people is the fastest and definitely most fun way to improve, so find a club or a buddy and go for a run!
Our first two moose in Alaska. These guys blocked Grover into his apartment within 10 minutes of him arriving!
Every trip home I try to hit up the local creemie stand (which is what soft serve frozen yogurt is called in central to northern Vermont, and really no where else). Today’s flavor choice: blackberry with chocolate sprinkles. Yummmmmm.
My brother, Andy, recently got really into mountaineering and rock climbing. This is him at the top of either Mt. Baker or Mt. Hood, not positive which.
I believe this is a shot from the top of Mt. Baker, but it could be Mt. Hood too. It’s one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen, so I wanted to make sure you all got to see it too. I have seen some amazing places in my life, but it seems my brother is getting to see even more spectacular places and in unfamiliar times of day for most of us.
My brother continuing his badass streak. So proud….wow.


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